Multi Service Diagnostic Tool Next Generation

Multi Service Diagnostic Tool Next Generation

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Multi Service Diagnostic Tool Next Generation
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Draper Car And Van Diagnostic Tool

An easy to use yet highly sophisticated tool for next generation vehicle servicing. Capable of oil service resets, electronic parking brakes (EPB) analysis, diesel particulate filter (DPF) inquiries, steering angle sensors (SAS) investigation, battery configuration, airbag/ABS (SRS) examinations and off course totally supports EOBD II functionality.

The vehicle covers 32 different manufacturers and is easily updated as more and more vehicle data is added via the Internet.

With oil changes being the number one service performed on vehicles each year, augment your oil servicing with this tool. The oil light is easily reset, eliminating the need for taking vehicles to the dealer or the use of an OEM scan tool.

Capable of performing bi-directional tests on electronic parking brake systems permitting the user to deactivate and re-activate the brake control system, set new brake pad thickness, bleed brake systems and even AUDI A8 brake servicing.

When changing vehicle batteries, particularly on vehicles equipped with a start-stop capability and/or a regenerative braking system, the need for the battery to communicate with the vehicles ECU is required. The battery configuration facility on this tool makes managing and replacing batteries much easier by correctly connecting with the vehicle ECU. 

Not only is the user able to read and clear system faults, they can also explore live data in both text and graph format. This feature allows the user to focus on dubious or symptom-specific data, providing vehicle technicians with the ‘real picture’ as the two graphs can be displayed simultaneously, which can be merged into one to easily understand how they affect each other.

The latest bug fixes, vehicle additions, new parameters, and functionality are all available via the Internet, simply insert an SD card into your computer and let the app synchronize the software for you, it’s as easy as that. 

A next generation all-in-one diagnostic device, everything a vehicle technician needs in one handy tool.

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